It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve streamed anything – partly because I’m mulling over the best way forward.

Live streaming is great, but it’s hard to concentrate on the task at hand when there’s an audience right there to also engage with – my hat is off to those who can concentrate on both at once! That, and sometimes I’ll hit a road-block and need to research things for a bit (or even wait a week for something to arrive), and that doesn’t make for very engaging content :-)

So I’m pondering perhaps a more conventional YouTube format where a video may actually be recorded over a much longer period and cut together into a more polished and informative video. That has the side effect of allowing me to keep related content together, rather than having a live stream with a bit of everything in the one stream.

I may end up doing a bit of both – time will tell.

I’m also pretty much convinced I need to build out a dedicated project workshop in the garage rather than trying to use the now very cramped back half of my normal office. I’ve put pencil to paper on that and have a rough idea what I want to do…