OK, I admit it, I’m currently using Microsoft Edge as my preferred browser – on both Windows and Linux. Mostly because of the ability to put the browser tabs down the left side of the window, which is particularly useful on wide-screen monitors where there’s no shortage of horizontal real-estate. Chrome has extensions that can sort of do it, but it’s not as clean as the built-in Edge implementation – and Edge is really just Chromium under the hood anyway…

BUT, I’ve noticed that often Ctrl-C fails to copy the selected text to the clipboard, even when Ctrl-C is pressed multiple times. That’s a pain in the ass to be sure.

Today I went Googling to see if this was a common problem with Edge, and found a few useful posts – particularly this one – Failing CTRL+C shortcut for clipboard – Microsoft Tech Community

Hopefully disabling the little pop-up menu they’re referring to actually resolves this issue! I’m 24 hours in and I haven’t experienced a recurrence :-)