A while back now I picked up an Apple II clone on eBay – listed as “unknown condition – parts only”, or words to that effect.

Back then I popped it open, checked the power supply for obvious issues, checked the output voltages, and was able to successfully power up the machine.

BUT, the machine was a bit of a mess – the case is very yellowed for one, and it needed a good overall clean. So I pulled it all down and made a start, but that was about the time I ran out of space in my little home office, making it very difficult to get anything done in there. That was the driver to build a new workshop for this stuff!

So now it’s time to pick the project back up!

When I opened the case, I found the word “VECTORIO” silk screened onto the board. This video explores the “Vectorio” Apple ][+ clone – a relatively uncommon (from what I can tell at least) clone. The more I look at this machine, the more its differences become apparent.



Thames Television, “Database” – includes an interview with Peter Perkins – YouTube

Some photos of a complete machine – Imgur