SVI-328 80 column card - take 2!

In this video I revisit the Spectravideo SVI-328’s 80 column card, after the false start we had last time (where we ended up fixing the Super Expander instead). I also look at whether we can teach the old dog a new trick (new for the SVI, not new for the 6845 CRTC) :-)

June 9, 2022 · 1 min · 53 words · TassieBob

Making an SVI-328 disc BASIC boot disc

When I got my Spectravideo SVI-328, it came with a floppy drive but no floppy discs. A chance visit to the Spectravideo Facebook group for a different matter led me to a cassette file that I could use to create a disc BASIC boot disc (and CP/M boot disc). This video runs through the process of creating the disc BASIC disc using a SVI-CAS digital playback and recording device (the process to make a CP/M boot disc is almost identical)....

May 12, 2022 · 1 min · 92 words · TassieBob

SVI-328 part 2 – cassette storage

In this video we’ll have a look at the cassette system of the Spectravideo 328. How it connects to the system, a look inside the SV-903, and a quick look at some cassette based software. Note: I didn’t mention it in the video, but there are virtual tape solutions available for the SVI-328 – links below. Details of the Spectravideo tape format SVI-CAS owners manual link: The manual has recent pricing for the unit & SVI cable....

January 27, 2022 · 1 min · 88 words · TassieBob

Spectravideo SVI-328 part 1

In this video I unboxed a Spectravideo SV-328, an 8-bit computer from Spectravideo that was introduced to the world in 1983. I’ve never owned, or even used, one of these machines so this was interesting. I picked this lot up from the local tip shop – yup, someone was literally throwing this out! In part 1 of this series, I take a look at it, plug it in, and check if it works....

January 13, 2022 · 1 min · 121 words · TassieBob