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Stuff I use… Test Equipment: UNI-T UT61E Fluke 75 Dick Smith Q1535 (quite old) Digitech QM1517 (small/toy) Digital Microscope - Andonstar AD407 Oscilloscope - Rigol DS1052E 3D printer - Flashforge Creator Pro Multi-function tester TC1 Tauntek Logic IC tester Minipro TL-866ii UNI-T UTG962 function/arbitrary waveform generator UNI-T UT612 LCR meter Kenwood CG-935P PAL test pattern generator GW Instek GPS-2303 bench power supply Tools: Haako FR-301 desoldering gun Quick 957DW heat gun Weller EC2002D/EC1201 soldering iron Jaycar QM3546 desk mount adjustable magnifying lamp 3D printed lead forming tool

January 2, 2023 · 1 min · 87 words · TassieBob


If you want to donate something to the channel, please email me at bob@tassiebob.com so we can discuss the specifics. While I certainly appreciate offers to donate, I generally only accept items I can do something with, and ideally that I can feature in a video. Please note that donations are exactly that, and I reserve the right to do whatever I choose with donated items – including repairing them, featuring them in video’s, keeping them, using them, selling them at a later date perhaps, possibly donating them to someone else, etc....

January 1, 2022 · 1 min · 92 words · TassieBob


Things I’m keeping an eye out for include: Apple II/IIc/IIe and peripherals Apple IIgs Commodore 128D Commodore VIC-20 Commodore PET Osborne Executive Microbee systems Acorn Electron (acquired) Acorn Archimedes IBM XT compatible IBM AT compatible Old CP/M systems Microprocessor trainers Other 8 & 16 bit systems from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s When I’m looking, I’m not necessarily looking for working units, but also at units that don’t work and can be repaired....

January 1, 2022 · 1 min · 87 words · TassieBob